Bharathiy Dhalit Congress

Even though the Dalit community in Kerala is considered to be more privileged than their counter parts in other states, their actual social condition in terms of human development index is substantially lower than that of other communities in kerala. The main role of Dalit congress was to organize the dalit community under its umbrella and as a result of this the left parties lost their control over this traditional left bastion.

The role played by the organizations like Dalit congress in chengara land struggle has been a noteworthy one. Dalit congress has been standing up for the rights of the dalit community since its inception in the state.

The newly reconstituted state and district committee’s are working hard to achieve this very goal . Other struggles by dalit congress in the last 5 years include state wide mass contact programs, vehicle rallies, protests against anti-dalit policies of the LDF government etc, fight against the move of the state government  to hand over Aaralam farm to private hands etc. As a result of all these steps, dalit congress has emerged strong at the grass root level and gained respect and support among dalit communities. k.Vidhyadharan is the president of the BDC in Kerala.