Deseeya Karshaka Thozhilali Congress

Deseeya Karshaka Thozhilali Congress or National Agricultural Labor’s Federation is an important trade union movement in the farming of agricultural labors for many years now. The DKTF is affiliated to congress party and has been fighting for the rights of agricultural labors for many years now. Considering the fact a major chunk of the state’s labor force is employed in the agriculture sector. Kerala agriculture sector and especially the agriculture trade union sector has historically been in the stronghold of the left parties. So even the entry of the DKTF into the agricultural labor sector in rural Kerala was a Herculean task. However through dedication, the hard work and extreme sacrifice the DKTF succeeded in making inroads into the left bastions. DKTF’s social base has steadily increased since those early days. The inroads made by the DKTF have helped the party finally to undo years of the propaganda that the left parties had spread in the rural areas with regards the policies of industrialization, globalization, use of technology etc. Joy Maliekkal is the President of DKTF.