Economic and planning Cell

Kerala Pradesh Congress committee has set up an economic and policy and planning wing on 28th July, 2010under the leadership of Oommen chandy and Ramesh chennithala, bringing together leading economic and public policy experts including former members of the Kerala planning board to develop a broad framework of economic policies politically acceptable and speedily implementable in Kerala with special emphasis for the benefit of the under privileged.

Former members of the state planning board, Mohan Gopal,G. vijayaraghavan, Philipose Thomas and former head of the Economics department of kerala university Dr. B.A .prakash are the members of the panel. Shafi Methar is the convener of the cell. Prof.Manoj Mohan (Duke, Harvard University), Prof. Rubin Abraham (Indian School of Business) and Ajith Mohan (Pennsylvania University) are associate members of the cell.