Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Development Studies

The Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Development Studies has been making significant contributions to the Socio-Political milieu of Kerala. We are optimistic in the activities of this institution to all sectors of the life via education, culture, research welfare etc.

It has been at the fore front of devising alternative development to benefit the state and to unleash its talents. Its seminars, workshops and symposia, all organized with strong public participation, have provided a different perspective in keeping with the ideology and policies of the Indian national congress on the issues that confront the state.

In addition, the institute has helped to prepare and train hundreds of party workers to better take up their duties and serve the people.

Several researches projects have been prepared by the institute and are in various stages of implementation. A five acre plot adjacent to the picturesque Neyyar Dam site is purchased and builds the permanent camp for RGIDS.

Ramesh Chennithala and Hidur Muhammed are the chairman and the director of RGIDS respectively.

RGIDS at Neyyar Dam

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