Jawahar Balajana Vedi

Jawahar Balajanavedi is an organization formed under the auspices of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, intended for the childrenranging from the age of 6 years to 18 years to awaken and nourish latent talent in them and bring them up as ideal citizens endowed with patriotism and dedication to the nation.This organization uphold emphatically three slogans that are democracy, secularism and socialism and germinate and sustain in children the qualities of fraternity, equality and compassion as their ideals of life along with developing their latent potentialities of artistic and cultural talents.

All the activities of this organization are meant only for children. The ultimate aim of this organisation is to play a dominant role in the character formation of children. The functioning of this organization can be extended to where ever Malayalees live. The abundant culture, civilization and tradition amassed and enjoyed by our earlier generations through universal truth, morality perseverance and patriotism should be handed over to the budding generation for the building up of a strong safe and secure nation.

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