MM Hassan

Congress Leader, Hassan, Kerala pradesh congress committee, KPCC, KPCC IT cell, MM Hassan KPCC President, MM Indian National CongressI am humbled and privileged for being entrusted with the position of KPCC President by Sonia Gandhi and central leadership of Congress. I will be indebted to the confidence bestowed in my abilities to lead the party in the state of Kerala. As a disciplined, committed congress man, I will discharge my duties with determination and courage to make our party a political force that is loved and respected by the people. I always stood by the rights and concerns of the people, for whom Congress Party always gives importance, for whom it devise welfare policies and development agenda.

From the times of being a KSU President to till today, I always voiced the worries of ordinary party workers and well wishers of the congress. I will do everything to carry everyone together to prepare the party to fight election battles, and to come out victorious. As a KPCC President it will be my priority to support the UDF Government to continue with the pro-people policies, welfare measures and development agenda that transform our state as the best in our country.
We shall together spread the work done by the previous UPA Government and UDF Government, also shall make the people aware about the agenda that is put forth by the Congress party at national and state level.
I once again request all congress party members, our leaders, and well wishers to join together and to collectively work together to strengthen our party. And to make it battle ready to face any challenges in the upcoming elections. Indian National Congress always derive it’s strength from the people, it’s victory can only ensure Democracy, Development and Peace in our country, which is vital for all our future.
Let’s together work for a party that is disciplined, people friendly and stood for all sections in our society.