In the mid-term elections of 1965 all the political parties including congress contested independently without any electoral alliance. Hence none of the parties got a clear majority of seats in the new Legislature. On March 24, 1965, dissolving the newly elected Legislative Assembly, President’s Rule was imposed in Kerala.

In the General Election of 1967, the Communist Party was voted to power headed by E. M. S. Namboothiripad. However, this Ministry fell down in October 1969 and a new Non-Marxist coalition Ministry under the leadership of C.Achutha Menon, the leader of the C.P.I was sworn in on November 1, 1969. Congress party was one of the main allies of this front.

On August 1, 1970, the Achutha Menon Ministry resigned to seek a fresh mandate. In the General Election held in September 1970, a united front under the joint leadership of the Indian National Congress and the Communist Party of India won a clear majority. A new ministry under the leadership of C. Achutha Menon came to power. However in the wake of the declaration of Emergency by the President of India in June 1975, the general elections due to take place in Kerala in 1976 was postponed.

During emergency period congress party stood behind Indiraji and the political and social life of Kerala was very peaceful at that time. With the withdrawal of Emergency, General Elections were held in March 1977 and congress led coalition won in the elections. As a result of that a new Ministry headed by K.Karunakaran, the leader of the Congress Legislature Party, assumed office on March 23, 1977. However, the Karunakaran Ministry was short lived as the Chief Minister had to resign after a month. The fall of the Karunakaran Ministry was followed by the formation of a new ministry headed by A.K. Antony. This Ministry was in office from 1977 to 1978. The new Ministry which assumed office on October 29, 1978 was headed by P.K. Vasudevan Nair, the leader of the C.P.l. It continued to be in power till October 12, 1979. Another Ministry headed by the Muslim League leader C.H. Muhammad Koya held office from October 12 to December 5, 1979. The Koya ministry resigned and President’s Rule was proclaimed on December 5, 1979. Elections to the Legislative Assembly were held in January 1980. The left Democratic Front Ministry headed by E.K. Nayanar, the Marxist leader, was sworn in on January 25, 1980.

The Nayanar Ministry fell on October 20, 1981, following the withdrawal of support by the Congress group; Kerala again came under the President’s Rule. A new ministry under the Congress by K. Karunakaran assumed office on December 25. But he could not survive for long. Kerala had another spell of President’s Rule from March 17 to May 23, 1982.

In the general elections to the Kerala Assembly held in May 1982 the United Democratic Front led by the Congress assumed office on May 24, 1982 with K. Karunakaran as Chief Minister. It continued office for a full term. In the general election held to the Kerala Legislative Assembly In March 1987 the United Democratic Front suffered defeat and L.D.F ministry with C.P.M leader E.K.Nayanar as Chief Minister came to power in Kerala on March 25, 1987. In 1991, the Chief Minister himself dissolved the ministry and faced a new mandate before the normal completion of office. The U.D.F led by Congress party came to power. K. Karunakaran became the Chief Minister. On 16th March 1995, K.Karunakaran resigned and A.K. Antony sworn in as the new Chief Minister on 20th March 1995. General Elections were held in the month of May in 1996. LDF won a simple majority and the new ministry once again headed by E.K. Nayanar came into power. In 2001 again Congress led UDF got a landslide victory in assembly elections (100 out of 140 assembly seats) and in the latter part of his tenure he resigned and then Shri. Oommen Chandy sworn in as the chief minister.

Now Congress led government under the Chief Ministership of Oommen Chandy with UDF partners is giving thrust to the development of state and to provide support to the marginalised and poor people of the state. Congress party led by Shri.Ramesh Chennithala is supporting the government’s initiatives and also conduct various activities to publicize the achievements of the Government and to shield it from the politically motivated attacked of opposition parties. The Party leadership and Government move in with better coordination, taking party to confidence in policy matters. The Government and party will be in the forefront to ensure speedy development, communal harmony and to ensure Care for all those who need support from Government.

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